Sunday, January 23, 2011

just one moment in time

ok well more than one moment this week, heh, and with words, i can't post with out them, sorry about that. not much crafting to share this week, but im still working on ems floor mat, its so nearly finished.

out side my side door, the door that leads to the area we term our backyard. is a very very old rose. The first year we lived here i think i got a rose, and the next year a few more and so on it goes. This year the bush is going crazy with flowers. its so nice to see it come back to life!

I have no idea when this rose was placed there, but keep in mind my house was built in 1876!

its a beautiful rose, that comes with that old fashion rose scent that seems to be missing in new roses.

emily is going a little holiday crazy i think, you know that point where its so time for school and after school activities and swimming lessons to start again?? its so time for that to start again let me tell you!

they are sick of the art equipment i bought and have used most of the good stuff as they refer to it, the holiday away is done, christmas is over and the toys while still fun have lost there shine

yeah its time for school to start!

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