Monday, January 03, 2011

Wendy the bird

Well the quilt is hung in emilys room and against purple walls it looks so much brighter too. She loves it. Its on a curtain rod with rings and clip, pegs on the end. I didn't want to sew loops into the back of it, with the scallop edges already i just could't do it. It covers so much of her wall, its a fantastic way to brighten a room.

I have to thank Janelle for her pattern and her pattern writing skills, its all super easy to follow and that in the end gives a product your happy with too. Emily has picked Janelles candy quilt for her bed as well, and im kind of pleased about that. I will get to that one shortly.
This is a wendy bird, the pattern to this softie is a free downloadable one from
Wendy is easy and quick. I strung the three of them together and then hung them off emilys 10 foot high ceiling. Its safe to say im never getting them down again! lol also should of taken pics before i put them up there. im not tall enough.
i have another wendy to share soon, this one will be on a bird swing. Emilys room is starting to take shape, obviously her bed quilt is yet to come, but i have a rug on my crocheting hook for the floor and some art for the other wall as well as some bunting to pop up somewhere. Some nice pink boxes for her toys as well. A few other bird type softies as well.

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