Sunday, January 02, 2011

Little Blue Birds

I started this quilt in 2008! I even shared that very centre panel. And then i spent from then and until now, SLOWLY working on the hand stitched panels. They took me forever. and we had a few mishaps along the way, including my lovely children helping out by cutting up a piece of red spotted material for the corner stars. Needless to say the spots on two corners are different! And at one point my dear husband helped me tidy up the lounge room and placed a half complete hand stitched flowers panel in parts unknown? How do you lose a piece of material that long? I have no idea, but we did and I have never seen it again. Completely gone. I wasn't a happy camper when i had to stitch it again. It sparked this particular project being put away for quite some time.

This year my kids started swimming lessons, and lilly little athletics, and i spent hours bored to tears after the first few weeks, im bad i know, but you can only watch so many long jumps before you go insane, so i started taking my sewing with me, and because of those hours i finally finished all the hand stitching. After that it took no time at all to get this complete and good to go.
I used bamboo batting, its so lovely to work with. i was so worried about quilting this and seriously through about sending it out to be done, but didn't and while its not perfect only a quilter would noticed, and well we are pretty rough and ready around here so it fits right in. And im kind of glad that i did the whole thing.

Heres some of the details.
I think there is pretty much an even spread of hand and machine stitching to this quilt.

Anyway there you have it. This was a Janelle Wind block of the month quilt, that clearly I didn't do in the seven months or so that I was receive packets of material and patterns.

This is for Emilys room. Its leading the way in a room renovation for her all themed around this quilt. I will share the other bits as I get them up. Some im still in the middle of getting organised. And her bed quilt I haven't even started. But its coming...:)

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Janelle Wind said...

WOWEE Jacqui, your Little Bluebirds is just STUNNING!!!!! I LOVE it. Thank you so much for sticking with it, I know how many hours those stitched panels take too! Well done on a gorgeous quilt. I am so thrilled your Emily loves it too. Just gorgeous!! x Janelle