Wednesday, January 12, 2011

just one moment

i plan to post a photo every friday of 2011. just a snippet of my week. Our week. With no words, except for this week..:)

This is what our week looked like, we spent it in Townsville with my mum and her husband and my grandmother. i will come back and do a post with more pics of our holiday, i just feel a little strange doing it right now. its not the time for a cheerful post about holiday fun with so many suffering.

my heart is in Brisbane, as many of you know thats were im from. In fact the town in which the school i taught in is underwater. Many of my friends in the area are cut off, and feeling the full effects of this disaster. My own parents reside in the area also. Though are overseas so we know they are safe and sound. Im hoping for all your sakes that the water resides quickly with minimal damage.

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Nat said...

What a great photo Jacqui. Glad to hear all your family are ok in QLD. We must very much be on the same wavelength ATM. I was actually thinking that I should try to post at least one photo on my blog a week to update the QLD relies. :)Nat