Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Goodbye Queensland

well its here

we start the long process of moving tomorrow

truck arrives to pack the house and then thursday we fly. The car is on its way already and will hopefully be waiting for us on arrival.

I did however leave my mark on QLD, went away for the weekend with some friends.

such a beach and therefore qld thing to do.

some QLD reflection

im not an actual queenslander i was born in nsw

but when everything major happens in qld that makes me a queenslander

i finished high school in qld (class of 94 maroochydore high school)

i finished university in qld (class of 98 Bed Toowoomba campus of uni of southern qld)

I met my dh in qld, got married in qld, worked for education qld for 9 years would of been 10 this year at the end of it (i did enjoy much worked for long service leave last year).

i became a mother in qld twice

i owned qld property

ive met the most wonderful friends in qld

thats a whole lot more than the nsw list!

so on this my second last qld eve

i bid it all farewell, i have loved living in the state and the opportunity it has given me

see u all in a week or so onthe flip side in victoria (or as lilly says in toria)

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Chrissy said...

Well I don't need to say good luck with the move because hey it's already over AND you are nicely settled into your new country estate! :-) Looking forward to seeing soem piccies of your new surroundings Jacqui.