Thursday, March 13, 2008

ode to my dad

what would i do without him

he so kindly took off a few days to help us move last week. Thankgod too. I would of never gotten everything onto the truck without him, I was still packing while the truck was being packed, please tell me other people have done this because i could tell the truck guys where not impressed (but to bad, with two kids under foot all day every day it isnt the easiest thing to do and that was with lilly staying with my parents for 2 days)

my dad then drove us around as the car left before us and we sold the astra, and of course took us to the airport...hardest thing in the world was walking away from him that morning. thankgod for skype as we all have the video conference up and going and helps with the missing thing when u can see the person u are talking too. The girls love it too. Here is my dad with the girls at the airport, nothing like looking at the miracle of the airport through the eyes of a child.
My last qld weekend i spent away with some close friends, we drank, scrapped, talked and just hung out. We got onto children and chores...god knows kids dont really have any chores, but will lilly fast approaching 5 we feel its time she start being expected to do some things around the house. Its a battle with her every step of the way. Except for this. Wiping up...i HATE doing dishes, and until now we have always always had a dishwasher i will pack and unpack them i dont care but washing dishes is my one thing i cant stand and then drying them up, for gods sake i just washed them i dont want to dry them as well!! Well lilly has taken a liking to wiping up which i have to say is making the dish washing just a little bit better, at night we do it after emily is in bed, there r no tv's or distractions and we actual talk its really nice, while the process of washing the dishes is never going to be a fav of mine this time of night where its just the two of us if fast becoming a fav. Here she is on monday night wiping up for her daddy, she is just so proud i love it (from the light u would be mistaken into thinking it was day wouldnt u....we r all having issues getting used to day light saving just in time for it to go back to normal! stuipd system really)

Now the promised pics of the house

im still working on setting up bedrooms, emily is the only one of us that has anything even remotely close to soemthing that looks like a bedroom. The whole house does get nice light, and im slowly becoming happier with the house and its starting to feel more like home.

This is my country kitchen

to the side of the kitchen where im standing to take the pic is the laundry which is a big room that will be good to store things in, its also my pantry

behind this is the dining room and the fireplace that works.

we will need to get something to go around the front to stop emily from getting to close before we can use it....thankfully we have two rooms with gas heating too so it wont be to bad to not use it until we find something to go around it. I know i know the ho the first two letters of my home. My wonderful friend chris gave me the first two letters and i ordered the other two yesterday.. :) They r from scrapapple and r jumbo letters...they r COOL, im going to paint them white and sand back the edges.

from here u can see one of the lounge areas and my scrapping space.

Our computer is set up in here atm. It has gas heating also in the old fireplace. Excuse the fact that i have no lounge in here, we r off to look for a sofabed lounge to go in here on the weekend so that we can have a second area that can be for guests if its needed. Also looking for a bigger tv to go here as dan dropped our other one a few days before we moved. I saw a few yesterday that were ok priced so i think we will purchase that locally, sort of nice to give them the business. This is also our airconditioned room for summer too.

our other lounge

no heating in this room, but it has been a hot room so far so im not sure if it will need much more than our old oil heater anyway. but we will see. the fireplace is boarded up so im not sure if it even works., but its a nice big room and all along that back wall r built in bookshelves that have been fantastic. and is giving us alot more space to put other things.

LASTLY and as of last night when i actually got to spend a few hours in their unpacking is fast being my fav spot to be....the scrap space. This house had the perfect spot for scrapbooking. There is a backdoor and a passage way there and then it opens up into a little area with a bench already there with cupboard and drawers. the passageway is big enough to have some of my shelving there as well and the backdoor gives a nice breeze now that we can open took them some time to locate the key for us.

now im not done with organising it or decorating it, on the weekend i want to look for some sort of shelving to sit on the desk so that i get more space to pop the jars along the back without it taking away from the working space ihave there. But its nice to have a place to put my scrapping stuff that doesnt take away from the rest of the house. We had no idea how we were going to deal with it until we got here and saw that there was a great space for it. The room needs a paint but once i get my things on the walls im sure i will be ok with it.

ok there u have it u will notice i did not share the bathroom...its very BROWN and quite gross and in need of a gloved up hospital grade clean which i plan to do when dan is home on the weekend. Its surface clean dont get me wrong but its an area i want to attack properly.

and our bedrooms, i dont know if i will ever like them, but they have nice light, and the size is big, a painting would do them the world of good and if i owned this house they would be already done, as would a new kitchen and bathroom....but i have to keep reminding myself that this is nto my house and therefore not my problem.

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