Tuesday, March 11, 2008


well we r here and after the initial shock things r settling down nicely.
the house we r renting is very old! in fact the chemist is attached to it and has been in that location since 1854 or something crazy like that, longest working chemist in one location in vic. Everyone in town tells me how lucky i am to be in the house as there is lots of history attached to it. While i find that something interesting to look into, its hardly lucky!....i really try to not be a snob, but apparently there r some snob qualities to me lol. HOUSES, oh i like nice ones. This house is large (which is great for a family) but its OLD. The kitchen is not nice, the bathroom is not nice (but on the plus side im not missing have two of the buggers to clean) and while lucky for us the front of the house was painted inside our bedrooms where not and they r horrible (good size rooms but), toilet...oh my there is no water saving flush in sight and the shower head is pretty much the same lol, i had no idea just how much water used to come from older shower heads and just how good the flow from the water saver taps at home actually is. I feel guility for using so much water each time we go to the loo or have a shower as we r under restrictions here to, not as bad as home in our shire but still!!! The house wasnt jacqui clean, which dan would call better homes and gardens clean when we moved in and with the unpacking going on i still cant get on top of it. But to the dust in the corner of the steps...your days r NUMBERED!!! tomorrow is your day to die while lilly is at preschool! I will share some pictures of our big country house (well the nicer parts anyway) during the week when the boxes r gone and everything has a place to live.
otherwise its been a very quiet weekend the town was dead due to the long weekend. and dan has settled into his new job a bit more too and is making the changes they all needed and flexing his muscle in his new executive position. I think he is going to love making the decisions and getting the credit!
no scrapping obviously, but its coming!!

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Anonymous said...

bugger the house was not up to scratch....once you are there - you can move onto a better one...

i have tagged you on my blog...