Tuesday, March 18, 2008


well heres our offical first day of preschool (that is really the second day)

we didnt have her shirt orwinter uniform last week until we arrived but this week we could do the official photo
she is quite proud to be going to what she calls "school"
im just really pleased that she likes it all so much as its quite different to daycare for her. Its all quite full on and she comes home very tired. But we were impressed to here her count backwards from 10 this week. She can be a clever cookie when she wants to be, im looking forward now to the child she will become learning wise next year when she is at school and while ive been proud of other children who i have taught to read and troubled readers on reading recovery i just cant wait to see lilly begin to read and how exciting this next part of her little life is actually going to be for me as her mum. It really is amazing to watch children grow and develop into the person they will end up being.

a quick one of my two possums together, only just managed to get emily lol

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