Thursday, March 20, 2008

photos of avoca

heres our house, yes thats the chemist attached to the front of it. Its a pretty cute chemist. and makes life interesting people r always coming and going from the front of our house.
this is the view right outside my door, yes thats a double lane highway right out the front, its busy, but its not...its the country so it doesnt really bother like a highway in town would.
the chemist attached to our house and parts of our house r a historical point in town. This is what the information sign says thats right across from our house
"William Goodshow (see here) migrated to avoca in 1853 and a year later purchased the present allotment and established a flourishing pharmacy. He remaind until 1889 when he sold to george w towl. 10 years later Towl sold to AG Lalor and the family still own and run the chemist today. Its the oldest chemist in continuous use in victoria.
yes parts of my house r that old...scary isnt it!!!

if u look at my new banner thats the view from our house down the road towards the shops and the main street... YEP we live on the main street.. :)


Sal :-) said...

Omy Goodness Jac, your adulthood is my childhood!!! We lived in a town about the size of Avoca, on the main street which was the highway, above our shop and the chemist!! Lilly is going to LOVE IT!!! :-)

jacqui jones said...

lol thats funny
lilly already loves going for a walk to the shops, which always involves pink milk and biscuits from the bakery
everything is so well priced we r getting bakery bread at 99cents a loaf
we recieved jellybeans from the chemist when we arrived hehe

cass said...

oh wow Jacqui that's so rural, you're in blue heelers country LOL

jacqui jones said...

u wait until i take a few pics just before the avoca sign...thats rural lol
and dans vineyard...thats rural

Chris Millar said...

Just testing whether I can leave comments now that I'm back with blogger.

Brilliant photos!

Anonymous said...

love the new banner!!!!!!