Monday, September 22, 2008

cooking and sewing

recently i was left with a what will i do about crackers, savory biscuits and the like. full of preservatives and children that eat packets of them a week. i had no idea when i came across a few ideas. we turn our day old homemade bread into crackers by drying them out in the oven to eat with cheese or philly spread or homemade dips, then i found a recipe for lavash bread biscuits. totally yum!!! easy to do esp when u can roll out the dough with the pasta machine we bought dan for fathers day! we have made them twice, they last a few days and r so hard to STOP eating just ask dan! hehe
yesterday i made them with my little helper. she was putting the cooled ones in the box before the new tray came out of the oven. im sure my little helper ate half of every tray that came out of the oven..she didnt eat much dinner last night lol.

her fav job everyday is to help me out in the kitchen. she pulls up the chair to the bench and says help help until i give her something to do lol.

my newest sewing project!! its for lilly's dress up box. she loves playing dress up and is finally steping away from dressing up as a fairy! I am however upset by the quality of bought dress up clothes, they r not sewn well and cost a this time i decided i would do the sewing and from my own design too lol can u guess what it will be??

ive managed another two rows this afternoon. the base is calico. and ive cut out another two rows but they r still being prepared

i will show some more of the project tomorrow.

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Chris Millar said...

Is it a mermaid costume?? Can't wait to find out what it is!
Em is so cute helping!