Monday, September 15, 2008

veg garden

im going to have one at the new house, its in the planing stage for dan....ive said what i want and he is addingwhat he wants
but i started out today getting some seeds organised.

we have always had one but nothing on the scale we want to move towards. i was reading one of my fav sustainable living blogs last night and use had this great idea for seedlings! (seeds way cheaper to get than plants...they just need some effort) i cut in half the toilet paper rolls of which i had heaps waiting for lilly and a crafty day. filled with seedling mix and seeds. we will hopefully have corn (just), lettuce including cos, cucumbers, beans, snowpeas (just), pumpkin, some new herbs and tomatos for dan and for me to make tomato sauce out alergic to them myself! We are waiting on some popcorn corn too. i liked this idea because when we move in a month or so i can pick them up just as they r and plant them as the cardboard will break down into the soil and i can get the planting thing started right now. they look all pretty here but are currently all covered in soft drink and water bottles as their own little green house due to the weather down here atm, its all over the place!

yes thats rain they are sitting in!!! AND dans bay leaf tree that really needs a garden spot! or a new pot, it was a little thing when we got it a few months back but its really coming on right now.

we have more plans for carrots broccoli, potatos, onions, strawberries and citrus trees either when its the right time for the plant or when we move. and are going to look into having an apple tree too.

i somehow dont think heidi swapp every expected her paper piercer to be used for quite this idea lol...but there u go hehe. this is a 3 ltr milk container, i put holes in the top so the water dribles out so the girls can water the seedlings when they come without killing them with kindness!!! hehe

ok i wont be around this week

i have my good friend and emilys god mother visiting from qld with her son and i havent seen them in the longest time!

have a great week everyone.


Kirsty said...

Have a blast!!!

The bay leaf tree reminds me of Mick's jar of bay leaves, that he had before we were married...they finally got thrown out last move, ten years later *heh* probably not so fresh....

Chrissy said...

Hey what a super cool idea with the rolls as seedling houses!! Love it!