Friday, September 05, 2008

scrapping share

this is my so you think u can scrap entry...its my second working on some hospital photos and while i want to scrap them, they r quite memory provoking and therefore hard to happy with the above one but. emily loved music therapy, she used to have it every few days, it was a lovely way to fill in the long days of trying to entertain her inside the hospital, esp when alot of that time she was stuck in that little cot day and night!
this was my first effort for so you think u can scrap, but something about just isnt right, its ok as a layout, but wasnt what i had in my head for the comp. something about the title not sitting right, i wont fix it, its scrapped now and on to the next thing..: ) this was about emilys visit with tlc in hospital. top organisation.

i know the tutorial is coming!
photos to go and its good to go...:) tomorrow
we r all still a little slow around here


Kirsty said...

Both LOs are amazing. You clever cleaver girl. Bet that was tough going too. ((((hugs))))

francineA said...

they are both amazing...what a choice...ive just read over your blog and had a little cry and feel so glad that your little girl is on the mend..she looks very happy in your pics..and what a great hands on mum you are..all that cooking and well as everything else..good on you!!!!
will keep checking in on your blog..cheers