Sunday, September 28, 2008

scrapping and sewing

round 4!
this week we had to use rubons, tape, write on a photo and use bright colours. very collagey look this week. gauze up the side that i inked pink before i stuck it on. i had little to no plan when i started this, it just sort of happened as i scrapped.

are these not the cutest little baskets. i made two...super easy and quick heres the tutorial i found here

i plan to mess with the measurements and make bigger ones for storage in the girls room.

i made this dress for emily. its my first attempt at following a pattern on my own. its just a basic spotlight get creative pattern. it was very easy to follow.

this is the easiest skirt in the world i think there r only three lines of sewing! and one cut. doesnt take much material either. both my girls got one. i did pretty well out of $10 material. 2 skirts and a dress! cant beat that.

the funny thing with all the sewing ive been doing, when we left brisbane i gave away my fabric stores. it was all very country looking. im not a country decorator and i really thought i would leave sewing not! the materials that are around at the moment r fantastic. i love the colours...i could just go silly!


Kirsty said...

LOVE the basket and the clothes and the scrapping...could you BE any cleverer....I know where my vote is going again this week LOL!

Good luck!

amandajean said...

I love the basket and the dress! such cuteness!!!! and I have thought about making some larger baskets, too. they would be great in all sizes, I think.

Blu said...

Hi I cant sew for toffee. However would just like to say what a nice blog you have.

Best wishes from Brittany France.

Angela Green said...

Jumped on here because I needed an "inspiration boost" today! Just love the clothes and the little basket is just gorgeous!! Great LO too!

Off to check out the tutorial links!

BTW- do you ever sleep? :)

Ange xx