Sunday, September 07, 2008

masters layouts

well i dont think these will get picked up now
i love the double that i did, im going to pop it into frames for our new bedroom wall for when we move.. :) i put old book pages down and tore them back and then white washed the background for blending. cant remember what the papers r, i know they were nice quality
my single layout is not outstanding, it was the one part of my eNtry (that i didnt get to finish) that wasnt up to scratch! no matter what i did i couldnt make a shaped layout what i wanted. the flowers i crocheted myself

i think the thing that im disappointed about is the money spent on my entry. im not concerned with missing out and not getting the entry in lets face it i was in the middle ofsomething way more important than a scrapbooking contest at the time, but still i look and think of the money! at least i will use the calendar when i get it finished


Kirsty said...

Nah! Don't even worry about the $$$. They are gorgeous!

fiona Leehane said...

Look!...I'm leaving a comment:)
Your new house look amazing...I'm SO coming for a visit!

Scrapsister said...

They are fab! Well done. Love the clever.

Mardi said...

Ohh gorgeous layouts.... especially LOVE your double.
Plus...I had a look back at your new home....its just stunning...I totally love that too.
Thanks for popping by my blog...I love my new machine...its a Janome...their special breast cancer came with a 1/4" and a walking foot for quilting all in the package...its a dream to use.
Happy machine shopping.
Mardi x

Angela Green said...

They are beautiful LOs Jacqui!

Did you enter them at all with an explanation for why they are late? Regardless, they are beautiful!

Sorry you can't look at them without thinking $$$ and worry and disappointment. Hopefully that will pass as they really should be treasured!!