Wednesday, September 10, 2008


well yesterday was a sewing day...a few clothes for the kids and this, my gratitude wrap for the swap im in organised by mel goodsell. BUT, after many months of know my sewing machine was kicked the bucket! ive been putting money away for a while generally from my card publications to put towards my machine and i was still a little short. My loving dh told me to get a new one anyway. woohoo!

im in love right now with the stitching work of janelle winds journal covers with belts and mardi's pattern test ones. so i decorated my wrap with something similiar. (i know i will be buyiing that pattern when its released! THAT bag is just beautiful)
the inside, and i beg of my swap partner to not look closely a the stitching, this is what i was in the middle of stitching when the said machine started the kick the bucket!, im still thinking of stitching it again, but will have to think about time frame before that. the belt i stitched today on my brand new wonderful machine!
And this is it my beautiful new machine. i went the breast cancer release machine, it was good value for money and a good next step for me after 11 years of a very very basic machine. and it came with all the quilting foots i need and generally meets my needs. its just so lovely to stitch with, it doesnt thump along, or move the table when i really get it going. and just because i didnt want to stitch paper as a first project here is a felt food tutorial that was promised before said machine started to really die on me..: )
Biscuit felt Tutorial - jam drops.
(machine stitched version)
brown felt
red felt
hobby fill
Roughly cut two large brown circles and a small red one to act as the jam.
Stitch the jam circle to one of the brown circles.
Stitch the brown circles together. I used my new overlocker type stitch, more because i wanted to see what it was like ... :)
leave a small section not stitched

and add hobby fill. stitch closed.
to add a bit of feature, stitch around the red circle once more through all the layers of the biscuit. (like quilting really)
And there u go finished biscuits.
My first lot of biscuits i made i used blanket stitch on the edges and to attach the red circle. it was also easy to do it this way.

i promised this weeks ago and then got sick.
so here it is, if you would like to start your felt food collection i have some strawberries and todays biscuits to give away, but also added to the rak is one of my knited dishcloths. if you want to try one leave me a comment on this post and i will get lilly to draw a comment in a few days.


Kirsty said...

LOVE the new machine! I remember getting my new one, and I started to enjoy sewing again!!!! I used to get so frustrated with my old one.
Love the wrap:-)

Anonymous said...

You are so clever and I admire the path you have taken. I really want to stop the run around and take a turn in the same direction as you!

Love it all

Angela Green said...

Thanks for the Jam Drops Tutorial Jac!!

You seriously got me addicted to Felt Food. I will email you a picture soon!

Ange xxx