Monday, September 29, 2008

gardener...its still questionable lol

im trying...or its very trying...or maybe its got something to do with my keen as mustard helpers lol
our of our lovely trays of toilet paper rolls we now have two beans and a snow pea.
but the others oh the poor others...some got tipped out of their lovely homes and r all in a tray together...and im hoping for the best to see what we get out of that mess.

much more reading happened and we decided that with the weather here atm that we needed a green house. we r having some very lovely spring days and then days like today and you would swear we were back in august again. not good for plants and seeds at all!!

enter a trip to the nursery today where we both lusted after top of the mill green houses for our new house in a few short weeks, but what to do until we could afford that.?? next a trip to bunnings...oh bunnings, u can never find what your after and come out with a million other things dont u!!!

Not today woohoo. i came home with this. a portable green house that is already doing its job...:) i popped in the hopeful seeds plus the ones we have up, and egg carton we moved to next as an option but we get our eggs from people and we reuse the cartons so i didnt have a heap of them available. so i ended up splashing out on real seedling trays to try as well. i have reseeded all the ones im not sure we r going to get plus some other things including pop corn! and hopefully this time we have more success.

the top shelf has my snow pea and two beans, plus the hopeful ones that were helped alot and some other bits
the second shelf has my reseeded everything for the garden
and finally on the bottom i have carrots, but they were also helped alot and im now not sure where the carrots will come up in the tub...oh well lol

It was market weekend the weekend just gone. its right at the back of the house we currently live in, nice and easy for a stroll. the nursery came this month and i came home with our first citrus tree. an orange. it will be planted at the end of the month, when we move! i also came home with our first every homemade tomato sauce...YUMMO do yourself a favour try it...i tried just a little as tomatos and me r not best friends at all...but the kids love it so i will be making some with our tomato crop!
today we finally made it into ballarat to a nursery. we came home with a lemon tree, granny smith apple and a pink lady apple to put in our new house. i cant wait to see them grow! and then fruit! we also came home with a mushroom box...i have no idea how or even if its organic but we liked the idea so r giving it a go...its currently a box of dirt but in a few weeks i will share some pics of mushrooms i hope!


Chris Millar said...

Just trying to catch up on everything after being offline. Love all your sewing Jac and your garden looks like fun!! Hope you had a good weekend!

Sal :-) said...

hmmmmm looking into the future I see very similar gardening attempts LOL!! :-D

LOVING your sewing stuff yummy!!

Angela Green said...

The kids and I are about to set out on a mission to start a vegie patch - will need to start in tubs at the moment - will share hopefully, what we have acheived later today!

Can't wait to see pics of all your trees in your "new" backyard - almost here!!!

Kirsty said...

You country girl you! Very impressive! If we move, I am totally going to have to do this...not being able to get to the shops more than once a month would be bad news for fruit and vegies!

How are you going to be keeping bugs away from all your lovely crops? I grew tomatoes this year that were unusable...stupid bugs