Friday, October 10, 2008

10 years

10 years to the day
strangely a friday night...i would like to say for sure 10 years ago was a friday and im only guessing it was..the memory is a little foggy!
i met the man that was to become my husband. actually i had met him about six months eariler, but it was a one off type penny didnt drop meeting. lol
this particular night strangly i think i knew i had met someone that was going to change my life. i remember leaving the uni night club early that night without saying goodbye...i was scared of what i had found.
we have been through alot in those 10 years and some of it i would change if i had the power too (as in anything from the last 4 months!) but we always come out of everything together and mostly stronger for it too.
i cant imagine life without dan and the adventures we have had. i cant imagine life now without the family that we have created.
happy anniversary
cant wait to see what we do in the next 10 years.

this is us on our 8th wedding anniversay in jan of this year
and in the early days....we were engaged in this pic (but only just) was the end of 1998.
we got married at the very start of 2000.


Kirsty said...

aaaaaaw, and what a lovely couple you are too! Congrats guys!

Chris Millar said...

Happy anniversary to you guys!!! I'm so glad that everything has pulled you guys closer than ever together! Love both these layouts - you two cuties!
Did the disc arrive?

daisymum7 said...

Happy anniversary !!

I saw your comment on my blog about the prefolds if you go to the post above it I give the address of the site where I got the pattern from.

They also have patterns for the shaped ones that have the velcro tabs which i used to toilet train all my lot. I made the boy ones like those wrap around shorts we used to make in the 80s (I know some of us are old enough to rememebr them!) So they looked like shorts but had a pad in case of accidents and velcro for easy removal.