Tuesday, October 14, 2008

family fun day

we have gained permission to have emily at the park and in the softfall again woohoo...in fact it was encouraged, all that holding on and climbing! we found a great park in ballarat that reminds me of kidsspace at chermside and it was great for emily, steps and stairs to the slides so she could easily handle the climbing part without to much effort. how cute r they going down that slide together.
miss em...best photo i have had of her in an age!!! no smile but...everytime i asked her to smile she would say the word but not smile lol
this one is always smiles a plenty....and here she is just being her...i love this pic best one i got all day and i only had one chance to get it too.

hmm what else...i got some strawberries to make a patch with...and a green seedless grape vine to grow over an arch way too...and we r still looking at ways and products to build the veg patch out of...anyone got any good EASY ways to do that?? dan wants to use bricks eventually but its sort of a long term plan and one that we will do bit by bit. we dont want treated pine for the veg beds...so then its dollars...dont know still looking. the granny smith apple has blossoms on it...but only time will tell what will happen with that.
13 days until we move
6 until we start moving some of the smaller things up there


daisymum7 said...

Hi Jacqui the photos are gorgeous!!
You can always use scrap iron to buiold the bed edges with and then put a wooden capping on them or use old ag pipe with a split in it to pop over the top. That can be pretty cheap if you ahve access to a 'swap' type dump.

Any word on the swap details yet???


Kirsty said...

AW such gorgeous pics! You must just feel so very blessed when you look at those!

What about old timber railway sleepers? I know if you look around here there are dirty great piles of them, just waiting to be burned...

daisymum7 said...

Had anothe thought today what about old pallets that bricks etc are delivered on. you could cut them in thirds and use them that way you might have to line them with some shade cloth on the side depening how wide the gaps between the palings are.


Em said...

Hey Jacqui, great photos, looks like the girls had a ball :-)
where are you moving to?
My father in law has just his vegie beds in an old tin water tank that he has cut into collars so if you can imagine they are raised around 500mm off the ground, I would then run some hose with a slit in it around the top so no cut fingies... I am hoping to do some of my own soon
x Em

Angela Green said...

Great pics!!

We just started our temp vegie patch (have visions of them one day looking like Peter Cundall's). But for now we went to the dump shop and bought a batch of laundry tub inserts (the sink bits). They are working a treat.

Let me know if you want me to send a picture.