Saturday, October 18, 2008

toilet training

well its beginning to look like that time in toddler world!! she is over 2 and its warming up. keen to not make the same mistakes we did with lilly we decided we would not purchase pull ups (im sure thats why lilly didnt get it..what was to get it was still like she was wearing a nappy), but last time we also didnt think much of store bought training pants u know the ones with the thin foam layer...that does nothing! so i ended up searching modern cloth nappy sites thinking maybe that was what to do when i found this pattern for home made training pants ive so far made 4 pairs. we would like a dozen or so, they r pretty straight forward to make, but i will next time make the crotch part just a little wider to make the elastic casing eaiser to stitch. i couldnt get ripstop nylon out here, but its basically a shower curtain so we went with a fabric shower curtain. and i reused our old flat cloth nappies as part of the padding. this way is no cheaper than buying them, but hopefully its a better product that will at least hold one wee and last better. i remember lillys foam crunching up after a few washes and having to buy new ones hence the not using them all that much...seeing as that cant happen with these ones and they look like they will withstand lots of washing...these ones r made from polarfleece like the pattern says, but i might have to look into something more summer for dec and jan...i will report on how they go.
nothing better than straight from the oven fresh homemade bread roll. i was blowing on my fingers as i cut them open they were so hot. i get 10 rolls mediumish in size from my loaf of bread that i have blogged about before. i love that they turn out crusty...YUM...we had some for lunch but they will make hamburgers for dinner tonight.this weeks so you think you can scrap entry. had to have fabric x 2, handmade embellishment, 3 photos 2 different style of sewing and 75% had to be stitched down. well there is more stitching here than i know what to do with. 2 different materials - stems green pokadots and some heather bailey folded like ribbons with ricrac and zigzaged down. the orange blobs r french knots and there is some backstitching. the flowers r handmade.

9 days until we move..u would think i was be stressing, but no, im not living in a sea of boxes either oops..hmmm dont know if thats a good thing or not lol. we r starting to move the smaller things from tuesday but. so i guess that will help..:)
heres my apple (granny smith) in flower.
its full of flowers, in fact we will have to pick of some i guess if they all start to be apples. we have an apple tree here in the yard we didnt know about so im expecting the apple sex happened hehe....but we also have an apple tree at our new house we didnt know about that willl be 3 apple trees woohoo, the one we r getting is older so i hope we get some apples off it, dont know what sort it is but.
nothing else much going on...we r going to try putting some seed potatos down in a new old style garbage bin on tuesday to see if we can get a harvest seeing as its getting late to put them down, im going with the fac tthat its still been quiet cool here until this past week and that they will be ok heh...but i know nothing im just guessing really.


daisymum7 said...

Wow i am so inspired by your scrapbooking, I have never gotten into it but I just love it.

Maybe I should get a trade happening a few handmade cards for some of my homemade gifts that way we could really make some inroads in the ole Christmas present list.


daisymum7 said...

And I didn't mention that I think your home mamde raining pants are great try using flannel as a liner and cotton prints (poly cotton are fine) for the outside. If it were me I would put frills and ruffles on them as well!! But I only had one girl so there you go all pink and frilly and no where to go.............


Chris Millar said...

Those pants are so cool Jac!!! I hope you have success with Em in them. Good luck!!! Only 9 days to go!!
Love your latest entry for the comp! You're doing so well with each challenge!

Melissa Antolovic said...

good luck with the move!

how many days now?

The Old Dairy said...

Am loving your scrapbooking...good luck with the comp.....
Love the pants they should do a great job.better than store bought thats for sure..

Earth Mama said...

I love the pants! I will have to try some of them out when the time comes. Wish I had a girl to make cute frilly ones :)

The Tin House said...

Jacqui, thanks for the link to the toilet training pants. Exactly what we need here with Max who is 2 and LOVES wearing undies. I have the old terry/foam ones which are comfy but a bit useless. I agree with the anti pull-up sentiment. We didn't use them for #1 who trained himself pretty much without any help from me. I did use them for #2 and it was a disaster. There are some terrific pull-up style mcn's for older kids, but I've found that at $30-$50 a pair, they're just too dear. I think they might be ok for older kids (like my 4 yr old) who still wet at night.

I'll give this pattern a go. I'm sure there are old nylon shower curtains at vinnies just waiting to be weed on!

Lisa x