Wednesday, October 01, 2008

all is not lost

in the seeds i thought i would lose
we have and counting
edited to add
2 strong beans
1 strong snow pea
2 strong sweet corns
plus 5 little little green things that i cant work out what they r just at this point. i will let u know!
2 cucumbers
1 butternut pumpkin

this weekend i will pop the beans, snowpea and one of the corn in a pot of their own! So they continue to grow well, getting ready for my new garden 25 days! not that im counting much

yes i sleep
not well and usually very late...sleep has sort of been missing for me since emilys accident, i dont know if its going to get any better any time soon. but thats ok its just the way it is for now.

im still learning (learning as im doing really) on the garden front. i have read about lots of things to try on some sustainable living blogs that live organically for helping with pests and fertilzer etc that we will be trying and i bought an organic gardener book too
here r the blogs i visit usually daily
i use the links these ladies have to get about and look in sustainable world.
all the blogs i get lead to from these too are a wealth of information on all sorts of things from the garden to the budget and craft and cooking and canning lol..i could go on and dont forget soulemama in side bar

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