Friday, October 24, 2008

sytycs 8

yep 8 weeks and im still here
ok this week was about colour blocking...heres my entry...but its only pretty fluffy around the term of colour blocking so we will see how that goes

i love the photo of my girl but...she is so photogenic and beautiful...oh hang on im her mother i know lol

she is such a funny little thing...tells the worst jokes and cracks herself up everytime...its safe to say i smile and nod but her father laughs along with her lol...too funny

we had a funny conversation this morning

we were talking about jobs people do, daddys a chef, mummy is a teacher just like linda (preschool teacher etc) what would u like to do lilly...i want to be rapunzel...yep as in let down your hair

i repeated my explanation of a job and asked again....answerdoesnt change i was in stitches. we told daddy this afternoon and he got more out of see rapunzel paints and dances all day with a little bit of gardening on the side. ive got no idea how she gardens in her tower but there you go LOL

ok i probably wont post much now until late next week

ODE to sara who has successfully pushed through our internet order so i expect my modem by maybe wednesday next week. im so thankful to her for that as i was getting no where fast.

mason family im so happy that you are all home safe and sound all at home together. a huge thing u have all gone through these past weeks. wishing chelsea a fast recovery now.

ok all...i will be back next week some time with i hope all sorts of news and photos to share

im going to spend the next few months taking you all on a tour of our beautiful new home as we set it up and change some furntiure to match our 1870's antique home! stay safe everyone


daisymum7 said...

I'll miss you happy moving.


Kirsty said...

Ooooooh how exciting!!!!! Can't wait to see:-)
Sam wants to be a superhero or a baddy when he grows up *sigh*
I only got your email late last night, which sucks. I would have loved a chat!!! I'll email my # through for next time!;-)

Chris Millar said...

Oh, your Miss Lil is soooooo beautiful!! She has those amazing brown eyes and flawless skin. Super layout too Jac! Hope the move goes well and I'll miss you too!!!

The Old Dairy said...

Good luck with the moving,look forward to the tour when you get all set up....Love the lay out,she is soooo pretty..


Anonymous said...

So beautiful!

Anonymous said...

moving again... but you will be so happy here and think of the cool vegie patch you will have....

Michelle jbg said...

Gorgeous LO's Jac!! You do such beautiful work!!! Definitley a master at that stitching!! Good luck with the comp!!
Your Why LO is soo touching!!!
Take care you!!!
M xxx

Wendy Smith said...

goodluck moving...

have loved all your work in th SYTYCS comp

art schools in melbourne said...

Best of luck!! Keep blogging !!
We love to read your blogs!