Saturday, October 04, 2008

ROUND 5 - The Finals

well im in the finals of so you think you can scrap

i think the finals will go on for quite some time yet but.

this week arty/freestyle

oh im not a freestyle scrapper at all

its safe to say its just not me...ive tried it before and feel a bit of a spaz when i look at my freestyle pages. i like some of the pages out there in freestyle land, and some i dont understand. but its all inspiration to try something new.
this week as well as being arty/freestyle
we had to have funny edges - i have embellishments hanging off everywhere
use paint - i flicked paint with my finger
handwrite or make a title - i drew the no and then cut it out
thrift something from around the house to use. - i used masking tape - not orignial i know and i used the pull from my diet coke can as a photo turn down the bottom.

i like the overall page, i dont think its finals material but its missing something to me just cant put my hand on it but.


Kirsty said...

I like it!!! Love the colours especially

I know what you mean...I can see lots to admire about some arty pages, but its SO not me. I am too much of a control freak to just let go and be free and easy! LOL

Julie said...

I like your layout too. Good luck with the next round.

daisymum7 said...

Hi Jacqui I posted a commnet on your frilly apronm blog in your market store about eggs. Is the photo at the top of theapge the place where you live it looks like a town about an hour from here.

anyway my details are on my rifile if you wnat to email me I registered as a follower of your blog. Have yet to do the whole photo thing but will get htere


Angela Green said...

Well I love your LO! Not sure exactly what you mean by the freestyle thing not being you - I love how you put together colours and textures. I'm trying to do a Jacqui inspired LO at the moment, and so far it is a "work in progress" :)

Well done on doing so well!!

Ange xx