Tuesday, August 26, 2008

10000 visits celebrations - large dish cloth pattern

I decided that i would really do the share thing this week, as in share patterns and put up step by steps for some felt food ive been working on and then end the week on friday with a felt food rak and also a knited cotton dishcloth give away.

I made old nappy dishclothes months ago, they work a treat even getting a rave review from the other cleaner in the house that must have this and that to do the job...thats a huge tick for me believe me!...husbands can be very fussy about the way they clean and what with...i go with as long as u do it i dont care....so a huge tick for me.

we have 6 of those and i wash them daily (which i just love being able to do) and sometimes they just dont last the day, if im real good with the washing the 6 do well, if im slack with the washing or we have days where i feel the need to follow my less dryer using pledge, then sometimes the clothes get backed up and i run out....so more were required.

my sewing machine lives in our stuido/dining room area. great during the day if i can get at it, not so great at night when its oh so cold in that room and the fire is a room away and so inviting...i end up not wanting to sit at the machine and go off in search of some other creative project i have on the go!...in my daily blog reading i came across the green blogs i often read and a cotton knited dishcloth pattern. so i was off to spotlight last week after emilys appointment in search of lion brand cotton. Ive made three...a straight knit one which is ok, and then a pattern i found off one of the green living blogs...i loved it and then a pattern of my own.

i thought i would kick off this week by sharing the kniting pattern.

now its just what ive done, as far as i know i havent seen it anywhere, but lets face it it could be out there somewhere! so while im calling it my pattern, im totally open to the fact that it could belong to someone else. I didnt have a pattern to use for it. I like this one because the cotton ends up with bobbles (yes tech term i know lol) and is good for cleaning up messes because of those! (im working on a smaller dishcloth pattern this week)

so here it is


i used lion brand cotton yarn (spotlight) - was on special this week too, im going to try get more on thursday

size 4 1/2 needles.

cast on 61 stitches
knit 3 rows

then start K1, P1 repreat until end of row.
repeat that row 10 times
knit 3 rows

repeat the pattern 4 times

cast off.

(PS just look at that sunsine..its worth mentioning being its such a fleeting thing here at the moment...it feels like spring is on the way today..but i wish it was warm to go with it)

ok im no expert knitter, but i worked on it during yesterday on and off between other jobs and the kids, and then once dan was home i knitted until it was done. so it didnt take very long. i would say im an average speed knitter! so a project just perfect for an afternoon of quick knitting.

i have decided to open another blog, a little market store blog...see the side bar...im still thinking of going with etsy, but cant decide quite yet. but for the moment on my market store im going to list a few of my homemade things that people have suggested i might be able to sell. basically i decided a no pressure thing, sometimes i might have things in stock and sometimes i might make to order...:)

Jacqui's Market Store

Dish clothes r the first thing im adding to the shop. My large dishcloth is $8 small dishcloth $4

i will also add some felt food, aprons, hotwater bottle bags (popular in this house!), cards, card folders basically whatever i come up with u will find over in the my market store.

i hope u all enjoy my week of celebrations...its all just for some fun...i love sharing how i make my things.
tomorrow i will share some felt food making tutorials.
jam drops (requested)
and if i get it finished a bunch of grapes.


Melissa Goodsell said...

Congrats on your visitors and also your market blog - so cool! I'd love to order 4 small sized dishcloths to purchase :))

Angela Green said...


You are on a roll Jacqui!!

Can't wait for the felt food tutorials! LOL!!!

Ange xxx