Saturday, August 16, 2008

scrap jack

heres my scrapjack for this month...its all on not sure im 100% happy with it...something about the white squares...i wish i washed them yellow....but two late now. the photo is a fav even thou it was taken in low light so the quality is a bit yuck...therefore the missing eyes...but sometimes u just have to scrap the yuck pics. cause they r really not yuck. some of the stuffon this page came from last months lime tart kit.
this came out while we were in hospital...the one today card is mine...made with the inspiration of emilys first birthday last year.

and finally
on thursday emilys hospital visit went drugs at all and the only thing she cried about was the tape that was on her skin..not bad tape really used this week. there is still one mucky part at the top that wasnt grafted and was just left to heal...its not responding as quickly as they would im not sure what that means...its wait and see that bit...i guess it could be another graft if it doesnt improve over the next 2 weeks. other than that the large graft itself is good...we now have to take the dressing down each day and rub cream into it to keep it moist which is good and bad...good that its at that point because its healing...bad that i have to deal with it in a totally visual way every day takes all my guts to see it every week, but i think its partly because im wishing it to be so much better and not infected and all that...anyway i hope it gets easier to see on a daily basis. she is also allowed big breaks in wearing her plastic brace to play and use her arm and hand as well as she can...we also have exercises to do with her to get it freely moving which it isnt...but only on the second day of those and it seemed eaiser for her to do today. we r working on doing 3 exercises 10 times 5 times a day...we got it done 3 times yesterday...going for 4 times today and then 5 tomorrow!


Gypsyangel said...

Love our blog, think I will be checking it out more often.


Tracy Tunney said...

Hi Jacqui,
glad everything is coming along well with Em's healing. Hope the yucky bit at the top heals a little better over the next couple of weeks. Glad to hear she had a great birthday!! The felt food and kitchen looks awesome. You have inspired me to try some creativity for Christmas, we are buying the kids a kitchen as the big pressie from Col and I. Dominic's birthday went really well too. Although I am over hearing the Thomas theme song and "here we go" as the train goes around and around and around his new train track. LOL.

Kirsty said...

(((hugs)))) I don't think I could manage to do what you are doing! I am so glad that she had a good hospital visit!

Love the Scrap jack! and congrats on the card! I got an email the other day asking for a LO that I submitted! They may still knock it back, but its a start!!! LOL