Friday, August 29, 2008

5 years ago today

Five years ago today i was thrown onto this crazy rollar coaster called motherhood. It has been everything i thought it would be. Its been hard, but the sort of hard you cope with because of the love you feel. its been joyful, love filled, and amazing. i cant quite believe that we have watched this special girl grow and learn for five years. actually we all had to learn together how to be a family..(the special right of a first born i guess) all those baby years, learning to walk and talk, i was so excited. but that is nothing compared to watching her learn to write(something i should take a pic of..i have a moving box the kids play with, lilly has written random letters all over it, including her name which she writes on everything atm) im excited by this next phase in her life. (i have no idea what im going to do while she is at school each and everyday next and emily will be so lonely) its funny the things u think will never happen have a way of coming around.

birthday treats started with a lounge room camp out, next to the heater, all of them together all very cute, there was some movie watching and lots of snoring!
arh the birthday cake, it took all my strenght today to cook for her..we r all feeling pretty blar! she so wanted a butterfly cake, thankfully she was happy to help me create a marble cake..the pink marble is the colour of that icing! sprinkles and little flowers and she was happy as. i wish i had been well enough to create for her...but not so this year.
and heres my big girl this morning. i love morning birthday messy hair and blurry eye photos hehe. so cute. we were as you can imagine up early. as a 2 and 3 year old she would of been into her presents that were on the table without a care for the fact that we were not around. not this 7 this morning she was jumping up and down on the bed for me to get up so she could open her presents hehe. first i have to be the first one to sing happy birthday to her..: ) she was so funny, told me it was her favourite song and said cute. and such a grown up girl now.

i didnt take official 5 today photos, because she is as sick as i am, by about 10 she had the dark rings and red puffy eyes back and had a big sleep after lunch, but this was after much dancing on her tv dancing game really quite hard, but she is better at it than me lol

lilly at five
you are caring, and considerate. stubborn and independent!
particular about the way to do things. you love to spend time with emily, and for the most part you two play together so well. you love to spend time with DADDY!
i hope you had a great birthday even thou your sick.
i love you baby
happy birthday


Kirsty said...

Beautiful post:-)

Happy birthday miss Lilly! Hope your day was as fabulous as you are!

Hope you all get well soon. being sick on your birthday is just plain yucky!

Chris Millar said...

What a shame you guys are all sick! But looks like Lil had a wonderful birthday all the same! What a great idea to camp out in the lounge room - I'm sure she'll remember that forever! Please pass on some birthday cuddles from us!

lily40au said...

What a wonderful post. I'm sorry you were all so sick but you made it beautiful all the same.

Good luck with SYTYCS.


francineA said...

gorgeous birthday girl and yummy looking cake!! good luck with SYTYCS!!!