Tuesday, August 05, 2008

everyday life

its so nice to have it back.

i spent the morning getting the house back undercontrol, and while im not finished after lunch i wanted to be with my kids, so the rest of the house can wait.

we were going to art, but they wanted to build towers from blocks and cook. So thats what we did.

first the tower building. all sorts of mixed up blocks and nice just to sit together.

and then some cooking

we made bread...i have wanted to make my own bread for the longest time, since starting to read soulemomma's blog. well after a 30 minute search of the house to find my book with the recipe in it i wanted, we made some flat bread to go with dinner tonight. it was fun. we used the kitchen aid to bring it all together and then the girls did some needing (sp?) of the dough which is currently doubling in size and is nearly ready to cook and become part of our evening meal.
i love the look on emilys face as they discuss the sharing of the dough hehe..so cute

i often get lost in the maze of things we as mothers have to do in a day and forget to enjoy. today i enjoyed being with my kids, providing our meal and generally just being mum. I want to enjoy it everyday its such a gift. take the time to enjoy just one thing with your kids tonight after work and homework and all the other things u have to do...its so worth the effort.

oooer look at this
its emilys kitchen...

how cool is it looking....it still got a door and range hood to go, as well as a hole for the sink then some painting and the tape ware....its just so cute, i cant wait to paint it this week. doing some sanding tonight so that i can start painting it the next night.

during june i started working on my masters entry, but as it was this year i never finished it. i was 3 parts done. Im going to submit my layouts i think...but i thought i would share with you all what i had made as my gift. Its a cushion of sorts a large monogram with the photos all printed on printable fabric and stitched in place.

not the best pics of it, but i have let lilly have it, as she was so patient while it sat up waiting to be submitted for masters. oh well on to next years comp...: )


Kirsty said...

I got all teary reading that! So happy for you! I shall be sure and stop screaming at my kids for a few seconds tonight LOL

Love the monogram! I'll bet your scrapping stuff is calling you!

Michellejbg said...

Oh Jac, so pleased to hear you are getting a glimpse of normality back in your life!!
Thank you for sharing your journey with us! I can't imagine how hard it must have been at times!! I so admire your strength and wisdom on this difficult journey!! You really have helped teach me a couple of valuable life lessons too!!
Much luv to you and your family babe!!

Sal :-) said...

Oh what a blessing, to be home and enjoying those precious girls.

Man how grown up does Lilly look in that photo and I just love the look of Em soooo engrossed with Lil.

It's the little things that matter.

Soak it up :-)

lusi said...

love to you all Jac :)
Glad to see that lovely photo of the girls :)
what an inspiration you are!
Lus x

miss~nance said...

Hoping life conitnue to improve as you are all home and getting back to normal.

Just love your "L" cushion, such a great idea.