Sunday, August 10, 2008

more kitchen maddness

and two posts for the day...thats a first!

felt donuts i made, with the apples....i will get a basket for all the felt food to live in when im next in a cheap shop...and i have alot more felt food to make, i wanted to do it tonight, but its very cold in the sewing machine room right at the moment so i thinks it can wait!

also made a felt milk bottle. the toaster we got at the toy shop...its so cute!

the oven with knobs now, and we know not circles had to made do with square the bit we needed for the drill we couldnt get hold of today...first time i have missed bunnings seeing as it would of been open!...also the towel set i made earlier.

and finally this is what she will see in the morning.

the present has a tea set in it from her sister.. : )

sorry for all the kitchen pics but i know a certain grandpa that will be very interested seeing as he help build the kitchen


Kirsty said...

happy birthday Miss EM!!!!!!!

The kitchen looks FAB! You guys should start a company!!!

jacqui jones said...

oh dear
i think dan would kill me lol

Chris Millar said...

A big happy birthday to little Miss Emily!!! I can't believe she's 2 already! It just feels like yesterday I came over and took those photos of her as a newborn! I hope she's having a wonderful day and enjoying her fabulous kitchen!