Monday, August 04, 2008

you will never guess

but about an hour ago i walked into my house!!!
yes thats right finally 4 weeks after i walked out of my house for a few days away i have FINALLY walked back in to it!!!

we had a great weekend just hanging out together in melbourne...we didnt do much of anything, wanting to stay a little bit quiet for emily, but it was fantastic to not sleep in a hospital.! and i know tonight will be even sleep in my bed with my pillow, i cant wait. im actually shocked at how tired i feel tonight seeing as i slept pretty well over the weekend.

we had a pretty emotional day today, it was the first dressing change that we were at, and seeing emilys arm was pretty hard to take. its looking healthy and its healing well apparently...but for her mother and father seeing it for the first time it was confronting and upsetting, i had to walk away after that and have a little cry. emily who was drugged for the dressing change was more amazed at how it looked i think, but as i say she could of been seeing purple dancing elephants for all i know! we will go back on friday to do it all again, and then we r hoping not til tuesday of the following week because MONDAY is emilys birthday! AND come hell or high water that girl is having the birthday she should get this year!

speaking of her birthday my dh and my dad got started on her kitchen, its not finished but i will share a progress shot tomorrow. it needs sanding and painting and a few things put on it, but its looking so cool. we got all the pots and plates and stuff to go with it yesterday while we were out and about, and i will start making some felt food wednesday or thursday, but im looking forward to her getting her present.

a big big thankyou to my dad, who left to go home before i could see him. thankyou so much dad, i couldnt of gotten through the last few weeks without you. for those that didnt know, my dad came down from qld a week after the accident to help us look after lilly while i was stuck in the hospital with emily.


Chris Millar said...

YAY! YAY! YAY!!!! So glad you guys are home. That must feel so good and I hope everyone got a great nights sleep. I hope the next few weeks go well for the healing and dressing. Thinking of you guys!

Kirsty said...


SO happy for you guys! (am doing my little happy dance!)

miss~nance said...

How wonderful for you all to be home.