Sunday, August 10, 2008

kitchen progress

its nearly finished

lots of late nights this week for us both to get it to this point
i will take more pics when we dress it up and add the oven knobs tonight after emily is in bed
i cant wait to share it with her tomorrow

dont look to closely at the paint...its not a pro job thats for sure...but the kids wont care...i would say all up....extra bits, and the paint , and the toy bits we got for her it cost us about $200....its still twice the size that we could buy for that sort of money and its solid as and HEAVY, believe me i had to help carry it outside for the spray clear coating it had to have!

all up im pretty chuffed that we made it for her.. :)

i have some felt food and the towel set i made earlier to go with it too


saw us go back into melbourne for emily to visit with the hospital. everythiing is healing nicely and it looks a little better and not as swollen and all in all everyone was happy with it. this week we dont have to go back until thursday. just to plastic's clinic this time, no drugs required after she spat them out at the nurses and went through the dressing change with little to no drugs helping her with it. actually good news for her and us. Our other big news is that she is trying to use her arm. working out that her arm, hand and fingers can still pick up small things. she cant hold onto them very long but thats big progress, even waving at her doctors with it during her dressing change on friday hehe

i will be back with a birthday post tomorrow.. :)

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Chris Millar said...

Oh, she's just going to love it Jac!! Well done to you guys - a superb construction!!!