Wednesday, August 13, 2008

some creative - ness!

we seem to be back to our creative stations in this house and its the best thing that could of happened.!
ive had a few people ask me for the secrets of finding to time to do so much of my own crafting, scraping and general creative stuff we do
i dont know about the secrets....but heres what we do
our dining room on any given day looks more like an art studio, or sewing room. we have a large square table i cover in a plastic cover and we all create together. some days on together things others on different things. but we r all together talking, learning and spending the time doing quality things.
today i did some sewing and the girls wanted to paint. its all too easy with water colour paints! yes the powdered discs that come in a tray. it takes no time at all to teach kids to use them, they r cheap and the powdered discs last longer, and we find the colours to be pretty bright. the most important part of this type of painting...ITS EASY TO CLEAN UP! it all just wipes clean with a damp cloth. they will sit and paint for AGES!
mix it up is my other thing. we painted today, so tomorrow we might (make soap if our things arrive) or draw with oil crayons or something different, i do have a salt dough recipe thanks to mel goodsell for giving me the idea. cooking too is a big hit in our house.
and i think my other secret is to search for inspiration....mine usually comes from mel goodsell or soulemoma...u would also be surprised what you can goggle or blog hop too.

yesterday i made the kids a loaf of felt bread. they have no requested things to make sandwiches. luckily i found a flickr group with lots of sandwich ideas to help me on my way.
ever since we moved in here i have been searching for something to put on the girls walls that covers the horrible paint in their rooms. (they need painting badly and seeing as we dont own here and wont be staying here forever i cant be bothered to winge about it to the landlord.) anyway
i joined janelle winds block of the month quilt little bluebirds in a start to putting things up in emilys room to make her walls nicer. our first block (which im nearly finsihed) came with this journal cover to make.
I have so many people i really want to send a thankyou card too after everything we have gone through, and i finally got started on them tonight.
i went searching for sketches first
these r older sketches on the cardvaarks blog. all the papers from my lime tart kit and the dictionary pages from an old one i picked up at the op shop for like 20c...i have gone for pages that had words relating to being thankful.
these cards use sketches from the hero arts blog that chris millar shared with us today...thanks so much chris it got me started creating today.

and finally....ive decided to turn my journal cover into a place to keep a few cards at going to add a pen and some stamps and use it as a gratitude folder, thanks soulemoma for the idea.
we r back off into melbourne tomorrow for another visit to the hospital


Chris Millar said...

Wow Jac! You're amazing with all these creations, from the felt loaf of bread to the awesome cards and journal cover!!! I'm so glad you've gone to look at the Hero blog! Hope you've entered those cards in the challenge!! Hope the hospital visit goes well.

Kirsty said...

WOW! You busy busy girl! Love all your making, bet it feels good to be back home with all your stuff! Good luck for the appointment today!

Deb G said...

I just popped over to have a look at yourMasters entry after readind your entry at SM looks amazing!!..its a shame you arent enetering it..but then as I had a read through your posts..I found myself gasping and saying"oh my god" have been through the ringer..and your beautiful family..most particularly your little girl. I cant say anything that seems right..but i do want to send you big hugs....even though we havent talked Mum myself i cant even begin to imagine what you have been through.
Love and Hugs and happy thoughts...Debxx

Sue Smith said...

Great to see you've had some creative time... good for the soul! I've been reading your blog faithfully, but haven't been commenting. The kitchen is amazing!!! So's the food - wow that loaf of bread is fantastic! It's so good to see you all settled at home! I'm heading to Perth to see Oliver (Karli & Simon too) tonight. They've been back in hospital for the week :( Olly's had a rough week. So it's great to hear that Em has had a great birthday.