Monday, August 11, 2008


today was filled with birthday wishes, kitchen playing and general being togetherness. I had a few teary moments, im having trouble shaking the fact that today could of been so different. I know how close we came...that has however helped me enjoy the day, i feel blessed and lucky to have this special little girl in our lives. she is such a joy. of course the above photo was as good as it got for a 2 year old and her official photo for the birthday...but thats ok...there was to much to do and see i think, and we were all laughing.
first thing this morning emily got to open a present. she was quite chuffed with it...dora...dora was all we heard...emily loves dora....and i always welcomed something different to watch and hear in hospital!Much of the day looked like this. they both loved the kitchen which was lovely. dan and i have had many a cup of tea and lots of soup today hehe.i wish they were as happy to wash up when it was for real!hehe emilys new fav trick!
and its not a birthday without one of these. just a flower. I wanted more than that but time was an issue. it tasted great and emily said cant ask for more than that..: )
i read a heap about taking candle pics, but in the end this was as good as it got....gee u have to be quick! the candles were out in seconds and emily was picking off the marshmellows hehehe
emily was very spoilt...lots of clothes and a few new toys, a pram for her baby we hope will last better than the first two (we went for a totally new style this time) and a couple of books. it all seemed to go so fast!
happy birthday my special girl...we cant believe u are two years old, your such a joy to have in our lives, you always find the best way to deal with things and nearly always with a smile. You have taught me so much (mostly in the last month or so)...keep being you.
i love you


Chris Millar said...

These photos are just the best Jac! So lovely to see Em so happy and I know that makes for a happy Mum too! Big hugs to you all!

Kirsty said...

Happy birthday gorgeous girlie!!!

So glad you were home for her birthday! How wonderful!

(I am loving having you back reading my blog! I think you are the only one some days!!!!LOL)

Sal :-) said...


Jac that kitchen and all it's bits is AWESOME!! You guys have done great.

And that is the best news about the things that Em is trying with her hand. You go Em!!

Melissa Goodsell said...

The kitchen is SO SO good and the birthday girl is even better!!!

Binxcat1 said...

Happy Birthday Miss Emily! You are such a lucky little chickie to have such a wonderful Mummy!