Wednesday, August 20, 2008

making pasta

today i travelled a little bit more through my quest to rid our home of preservatives in our food, plus the age on alot of the food we eat.

we made pasta!
so easy!

the dough
550g plain flour
6 egg yolks
4 eggs
extra virgin olive oil until comes together...about 50mls maybe more

bring together...we mixed ours in the kitchen aid
knead until smooth dough

wrap in glad wrap and leave in fridge for about an hour.

we borrowed the pasta machine, i didnt want to buy one in case i thought the making to hard...we will be getting one for home but.
it has to be rolled flat a few times before u get it to this stage. it was rolled down to 5 on the pasta machine before this enjoyed having a go too...she rolled out the angel hair.
emily enjoyed the eating lol (its heart warming to see her using her injured hand and arm even if it is just pasta....its more than she would of done a week builds hope in my heart)

and here it all is...we made two doughs and two different pasta cuts.

we hope to get 4 meals out of the angel hair and maybe 3 from the fatter one. it will dry on the rack (our washing rack) for about a day and a half and i will store it in big tupperware containers until its gone... :)

we r currently eating the angel hair with bol sauce and its YUM!...

making pasta is always going to be more expensive than buying the dried packet. but its the cheaper way to make the ones stored in the fridge section of the supermarket. the latina ones. which is the ones we like to eat mostly, or the gourmet packets

each dough cost me about $4.50 maybe a little more, we used savings brand flour, and regular free range eggs.

so if we get 4 meals out of the angel hair it cost me $1.20 (we r a family of 2 adults and 2 kids)

not bad i say

if u eat organic it will of course cost a little more.

and out of all the eggs whites we have left over...dan is going to turn them into a desert.. :)

we hope to keep making pasta now, in big batches so we only have to do it once every other month..:)

ps my bread making is getting better the changes i made to the dough in the below post worked a treat...its getting pretty light and off in search of a slightly bigger loaf tin now


Chris Millar said...

OMGosh Jac! I'm so inspired by you! I love that you're tackling all these new things and that it's involving the whole family!! The pasta looks fantastic!

heiki said...

Hi Jacqui, just read about the terrible ordeal you've been through. Your poor baby and poor you!
The pasta looks great.

heiki said...

Thanks Jacqui, we're slowly getting into some kind of routine - her rules.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacqui,

The kitchen and food look fantastic. You have been doing so much craft and it all looks fantastic. Love the pasta and bread. Em looks very happy with her lovely presents (so does Lily). I can't believe she is already 2!! Time flies.

I'm so glad things have improved so much and that Em can do little things with her arm. This is fantastic. I hope things keep improving for all of you.

You and your family are always in my thoughts


kazy2004 said...

Hi Jacqui,
you are so inspirational. Love everything you are doing, and the girls look so happy and content. Your pasta is yummy, and your homemade bread and fruit is awesome, you could sell them.
Stay wonderful
Cheers Karen