Friday, July 18, 2008


emily's surgery today was more wait and see

hoping for monday or wednesday for the final in this series of ops

she had to have a central line put in today, which sent me on a bit of an emotional thing...but thats going to keep happening

more info about our follow up surgeries in the coming year and next
a bit of work for her thumb movement will be done
muscle work and a flap at a later stage.

so that means for this first part....just skin grafting.

take care family will be here over the dont worry if i dont post or answer emails


Chrissy said...

Glad to hear your family are there now Jacqui, I feel more comforted knowing you have them with you. How is Lilly doing with all this? It must be hard on her too poor poppet to see her little sister in hospital. Thinking of you all.

Love as always
Chrissy x

Chris Millar said...

Hi Jac, hope today has gone ok and that you get some more sleep tonight. I hope Em's central line will settle down and make it a bit more easier for you all. Every day is a step closer to Em getting better and for you all to finally make it home. Hang in there buddy!
Hugs to all,