Tuesday, July 29, 2008


i was a negative person yesterday wasnt i

so this post is an im thankful post

im thankful that my little girl is still here (i cant describe in words how much, its indescribable)
im thankful that emily has her arm
im thankful that we r in a world class hospital
im thankful for the nurses and doctors helping emily get better
im thankful for the miracle of modern medicine
im thankful that emily is allowed out today to see the hospital and over the ronald mac for lunch together as a family
im thankful that my parents have been here to help me out
im thankful that my children have a wonderful father and i have a fantastic husband
im thankful that i can sleep beside my daughter while in hospital
im thankful for the support i have from my family, friends and the scrapbooking community in general....THANKYOU just doesnt seem to cut it...but THANKYOU


Chrissy said...

Oh Jacqui, we're all just grateful that Miss Emily is here and on the road to recovery!!!

Big HUGS!!!

Sue said...

Oh Jacqui some days will be harder than others....you've all been through so much! Hope you can get home soon.
love & hugs

Kirsty said...

Yesterday must have been extra tough...So pleased to hear that Miss Em was allowed out for a little visit with you all!