Monday, July 14, 2008

taking a quick break

while emily is sleeping!! woohoo
surgery this morning went well...they took no more of her soft tissue, and while one part still has a question they r hopeful we r reaching the end of that road.
one more looks see on wednesday and some skin grafting starting we hope on friday!!!! so that will be goal one realised for me....then on to goal two...going home for just a week and then back for a day or so and then home for 2 weeks and back...will go on like that for quite some time. then moving onto some of the other surgery that is in her future.

i wanted to share a pic today....and i will try to do it later on to night, this m orning we ran out of the house when emilys surgery was bought forward, i didnt get to see her before surgery which didnt give me a good start to the day, but it was for the least part over quickly with some promising news of moving forward.

we recieved a lovely parcel from u this morning...THANKYOU SO SO SO MUCH
my girls were so excited to see the parcel and the little presents inside them.


Chris Millar said...

Thanks for more updates Jac. And how wonderful that the gift from Chrissy and Co. has arrived. I've just emailed the company I ordered from to find out where the little surprise is that I ordered for Miss Em! Hopefully it will turn up soon.

kirstypiper said...

Yay!!!! happy news! Kids are so so tough. You keep taking care of YOU!!!

Sue Smith said...

It's great to hear that you are all being taken care of and blessed with some lovely surprises! Stay strong and be courageous for your little Emily.

Chrissy said...

Awww! So very glad it put smiles on your little princesses faces. :) There are so many wonderful generous girls at The Scrap Heap praying for you and little Emily love, they are such sweethearts.

There was a teeny hiccup with a little s'thing extra, keep your eye open tomorrow morning. ;)

Love to you and give Em a big Chrissy cuddle ok?

Hugs and blessings. x

missdidzi said...

Oh what a nightmare week you've had!!! I am thinking of your darling daughter & praying hers & your recovery is as fast & hassle free as it can be. It seems the children with the strongest of spirits are given these challenges...and they truly teach us the important things in life. Wishing your family love & peace & your little Emily painfree days & nights. God Bless.

Michelle Jamieson said...

Thinking of you, Jacqui...and good to hear Miss Em is doing better.

Keep your chin up...:)

Chelle XX

Susan said...

Just finished reading your journey so far Jacqui and am feeling for you and your family, hun. As I said in reply to your first post, I will keep praying you get the support you need and that you all have the strength you need.

Michellejbg said...

Hang in there babe!! Glad to hear you have had some good news!!
The light will soon be shining at the end of the tunnel for you!!!
Take care babe!!!
And some more hugs incase you are starting to run out!!
Keep going Em!!
Hugs to you all!!
Michelle xxx

Deb said...

So glad the parcel for your little darlings arrived safe and sound, I hope it brought some sunshine to their day!