Wednesday, July 09, 2008


thankyou so much, you all have no idea what it felt like to log in this morning to the 30 messages of love and support, knowing that you are all thinking of my girl helps in every way. thankyou to those that can offer actual help...i have no idea what i do or dont need and feel totally unable to make decisions beyond whats happening with emily and our third party claim that i had to start...thankfully the social workers at the hospital are now acting on my behalf for the most part. at some point i will actually check my real email...maybe tomorrow.

emily had a great night with a fairly good sleep. i am suffering from fairly frequent and violent flash backs of the whole accident as if someone was showing me footage with surround sound. im not sleeping well and when i finally do i wake with a fright every half hour or spent totally. and really dont know what direction to go in for anything.

emily is now fasting for another operation in the early part of the afternoon, i know she needs them, but the idea of another operation so close to the one we have just had fills me with a dread that i cant describe. More wound checking, tissue to deal with and a reset of the fracture now the swelling is kind of less...well its less in her fingers. A check of the nerves and maybe a closure of the actual wound. Unsure at this point....i understand they cant tell us much, i understand her injuries r bad and rare....i just want someone to tell me that she can be left be for a little while to heal and then face some more surgery for her wrist...if they dont close the wound today we will still have one more visit to threatre before any healing can start to happen. the worst thing i have ever done in my life till now is all of this. watching your child put to sleep for an operation is about the worse thing i have ever seen...or suffered through...and followed by the not knowing what is happening or how she is just not good.

on the plus side emily has gone for a little walk this morning and been sitting up in bed, watching tv, playing with toys and demanding cuddles...about the best things i have ever seen or heard in my life.

on the plus side the hospital is fantastic, we are all very well looked after and ronald mcdonald house u never want to have to use things like this but knowing that its there and lilly is safe over there with my mum is a huge comfort to me. i will never walk past a mcdonalds without donating ever again.

i dont have a charger for my will go at some point today...if u cant get ahold of us that is why...if u need us just ring the hospital to find us....royal childrens melbourne, ward 4 north.


Michellejbg said...

Thanks for the update Jacqui, glad to hear Emily is improving!! Sending more hugs to get you through the day!!! And more prayers for Em's op later!!!
Still thinking of you guys!!!

Chris Millar said...

Thanks for the update Jac. I've just left a message on your mobile and I'll give the hospital a call tonight and see how Em's op went. Thinking of you all and hoping that those cuddles are making some of it all better. I'm glad to hear your Mum is there too.

Chrissy said...

Jacqui I am so relieved to hear your little Emily has been asking for cudles, that's a very good sign. What a sweetie. Have been thinking of you guys all night, let us know if you can how the op goes this avo. The girls and I over at The Scrap Heap are all praying for you guys and for your baby girl. We have a little s'thing to send so I'll ring the hospital this avo to make sure it's ok.

Big hugs Jac, you've all been through an awful. I'm just SO glad your mum is there now.

Love to you all
Chrissy x

kirstypiper said...

So happy to get an update! Go Emily! She sounds like a little toughie. You hang in there and make sure YOU get all the help that you can!


tracy tunney said...

Hi Jacqui,
Suzanne rang me and told me before I looked on your blog. My first reaction was exactly what u said, "OH My Gosh!! is Emily alright?? Glad to hear she is asking for hugs and playing. That's a good sign!! I have prayed for you, Dan, Lilly and of course Miss Emily, numerous times. I will keep up the prayers. I couldn't sleep myself last night thinking of u and Emily and how helpless I feel being in QLD away from u. Glad your Mum is down there now. I always have donated to the Ronald McDonald house and especially McHappy Day every year, never wanted to know anyone who needed it but glad my donations will be there helping you guys in some way. Let me know if I can do anything. Much love and hugs and prayers coming your way,
Tracy xx

Sal :-) said...

OH Jac what a relife that Miss Em is starting to shine through her ordeal. I cried when Holly went under for a 1/2 hour tooth op, I can only imagine the emotion and helplessness you must feel when you see her have one of these.

Really wishing I was down there matey. So glad your Mum is there.

Will keep praying for you all until she's safe home.

Robyn said...

Good for little Emily she is obviously a little fighter. My prayers are with you and the doctors who are with Emily.