Friday, July 25, 2008

cranky today

well yesterday was filled with temp's and lots of leg soreness

her donor site was quite painful yesterday....and she had quite a big temp for most of the day...but it thankfully broke late last night and it seems gone today.....woohoo....
but lots of little tests to check on her central line in case happened....all seems well.

today she is cranky, but having music therapy atm so i hope that makes her a little brighter. dieing to get home and be normal, and creative, and just be with my family....a big thankyou to everyone that reminds me of my strength to cope with all this.. :)


kirstypiper said...

You can totally do this!!! Think of all you have come through already, and see how strong you go girl!

Tracy tunney said...

Hi Jacqui,
Hope Miss Em brightened up after music therapy for you. You are doing so well and Emily has come so far too! You are soooo strong, even though sometimes you don't feel that way. You are a great Mum and Emily is a strong fighter too. Keep the spirits up! as I am keeping the prayers up for all of you. Found something for the girls in the Target sale and a small pressie for you too. Will post on Monday. Hope it finds you ok. Wish there was more I could do!
lots a hugs to all,