Tuesday, July 15, 2008

not enough hours in a day

there never seems to be enough time to get a picture off a phone or a camera and load it into the blog!!!!!
i shutdown my phone internet when they girls turned it on, so i cant email it to myself either...big bugger!!! I will try again .

emily is doing great today, she is her old self, so cheeky and playing, drawing on herself and giggling at everyone...so nice to see!!! all her pain meds where lowered today to basic nurofen and panadol of which she is sick of taking and spits all over me nearly every time! but thats ok she is currently asleep after a pretty bad sleeping night for us both....she didnt go to sleep until 12midnight!!!!!!!! i so dont think so, and then woke just a few short hours later and i had to get in bed with her to get her to go back to sleep.....im hating the thought of putting bedtime back in place!!
lilly went home for a few days this morning which will include her going back to preschool.

me im actually feeling ok today, my heart is being slowly healed with giggles, kuggles and general emily-ness hehehe

one little thing i found out but have no memory of at all is that dan was also dragged under the truck...i had no idea until he sat with me because not being able to remember properly was really stressing me out. so yep how he wasnt injured too is a miracle in itself.

more surgery tomorrow, hoping for early but have warned it could be afternoon....and will let me know after 9am. im hoping the tiny light i can see at the end of the tunnel will be a little bit bigger tomorrow

thankyou to miss chrissy and the scrap heap girls for the lovely flowers we recieved this morning and to my sisterinlaw...the fruit and other bits is keeping me alive as i just cant get to a supermarket now until the weekend...thankyou so much

and just one more thing......emily is moving her fingers!!! on her own and when asked....clearly we cant assess the function until the breaks heal...but the movement is there....one prayer or wish answered!


Lara said...

some lovely news in here Jacqui - especially the fingers moving and the giggles!

kirstypiper said...

Hooray Miss Em!!!

Chris Millar said...

Terrific news about Em getting back to her old self and about moving her fingers a little! So glad you're feeling a little better too Jac. Hope you get a better nights sleep tonight.
I'm chasing up that gift for Em and am disappointed that it's not there already.

Sue said...

how wonderful for you to have some better news......you really have been through the mill and deserve some good things happening!!
Love & hugs
Sue xx

Sue Smith said...

That's great news... keep moving those fingers, Emily!

Chrissy said...

Wow that is wonderful news that she has some movement already. I'm so thankful for that! Praying for you both that sleep will be a little easier and more restful too, it's so hard to function on such little sleep hey.

Glad the flowers and balloons arrive, hope they keep Miss Em amused and cheery. Sounds liek she is already headed in that direction!!

Love and big hugs
Chrissy x