Tuesday, July 22, 2008


during her tlc visitusing some of the craft items they shared with us. and the travel take anywhere magna doodle board.....not pictured more hi5 than i know what to do with hehe

this must be about 10 days ago now....she is looking so much better now....and is currently upstairs moving all over the cot hehe and playing with her sister.

skin graft TOMORROW!


Chris Millar said...

Oh, she looks so small in the photo Jac! Glad she's chirpy today! Make sure you keep taking lots of photos. We got out Shayla's hospital album the other day and read it from cover to cover. The kids just love reading it and it makes me glad that I took the photos.

Linda said...

I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago, and have been following your updates on little Emily. Such a tragic thing to happen...I hope she continues to improve & that her skin graft tomorrow goes well. She is way to little to have to go through all that she's gone through...best of luck with everything for the future.


kirstypiper said...

Oh Jacqui, she looks so little, but so happy in that pic! I have just gotten back from a few days away and ran back inside as soon as I got home for a Miss Em update!

Soooooo glad things are starting to improve!

Chrissy said...

To see her smiling makes me almost cry, she's going through so much poor poppet and yet look at her darling face. Kids are amazing hey. Praying for the skin graft, huge hugs to you both.

C x