Friday, July 11, 2008


im so tired today and pretty emotional...its not a good day for me
dan will be in today so that i will hopefully get some type of better sleep tonight and to spend some time with lilly who i am also desperately worried about, she is such a great helper through all this but she really needs some time with a parent, so we r going to make some lunch together today over in the house kitchen and attempt to do something that is very normal for her.

emily recovered well from last nights LATE op....we didnt get back on the ward until after 11 and then by the time we were handed back over, fed her and gave her water and then worked out she needed some more pain relief it was well after 1 before i finally got to pull out my bed, and then of course the ward was very noisy last time with lots of crying babies (who i really felt for, but i didnt cope well with) obviously the staff r a little worried about me too at this point. They have organised a volunteer to sit with emily and play so that i can have a break, right now! and are going to keep doing this so i can get myself organised after next week when my wonderful mother goes home, and my wonderful dad takes lilly home for a bit so she can get a bit of normal life stuff going on. im suffering from all my food issues too atm, not being able to cook for myself is an issue. so im going to have to do something to get this all fixed up, starting with some food shopping today and cooking some things i can freeze.

an emily update....last night she lost a little more tissue off the top of the arm, but it was minimal....whats left is expected to make it all going to the only plan i will accept! surgery was quick!!! which was very nice. at this point we r now surgery free for 48 hours!...48 hours of food for emily WOOHOO!, she will then go in EARLY on sunday for the same op as yesterday again. They have decided to slowly move forward, because the tissue that is left is showing so much promise they want to use as much of that as possible. so while it sounds worse that we will be here longer its actually better for emily. a smaller graft and flap to be created i hope.

long term we had some news last night.....she will of at this point only lost the ability to open her fingers up and out, but will have movement to her hand and her fingers will have some too, we dont know what at this point, but its hopeful that can be improved too. Its this function that will be repaired a little bit later on. with muscle reconstruction using a muscle from her leg they think. I HOPE.

again all this information changes daily for will be interesting to read all the changes in the future when we move past this.
sorry if u found it hard to read through the dribble...this is a bit of therapy for me and a way to get my feelings out a bit and work it on my own.

i hope all your families are well and again we r so thankfully to read all your messages and are feeling very cared for.


Anonymous said...

Just got a link from Chris M's blog. You probably don't know me but I just wanted to leave a message of support in this extremely traumatic time for your and your family. Can not imagine how totally hard this whole experience is for you and you are in my thoughts.

Melissa Goodsell said...

oh my goodness, I'm so so sorry that this has happened to your precious little girl. You all must be beside yourself at the moment. I cried when I read your post. Emily and your family are in my thoughts, take care,

Suzanne McSweeney said...

Hey Jacqui
Just worked out how to do this. I will try and ring tonight again. So some good news about long term prognosis thank god!! Have got a parcel together but think I will send it to house or maybe bring it with me. Let me know when you want me to come now you know about your Mum and Dad. Miss you all and your always in my thoughts Luv Suz and Carter

Michellejbg said...

Hang in there babe!! Hopefully the worst is over! I Hope you get the sleep you need tonight to build your strength back up!!
Praying for more good news for you all!!
Take care babe!!
Hugs to you Em and the Family
Michelle xxx

Chris Millar said...

Hi Jac, just finished reading through everything I've missed the last 2 days. Glad to hear that there's some good signs from the op and how Em is healing. I've sent a little parcel for Em, hope it finds her now she's changed wards. You're all doing so well hanging in there. Thinking of you all!

Melanie said...

Jacqui, I will be praying for you little Emily. Im so sorry you have to deal with this but know that I am praying for her.

With all my love, Melanie.

Anonymous said...

i here with you jacqui - glad things things are starting to heal. you have my number call any time!!!!!!

big hugs

kirstypiper said...

Hang in there kiddo. You are doing SO good! Emily sounds like such a strong, brave little girl!
Remember to call me ANY TIME of the day or night,I mean it...I know how lonely and scray the middle of the night can feel.

more cheesy ((((((hugs)))))
Enjoy your 'normal' time with Lily.

gail lindner said...

Just popped on your blog to see what you've been scrappin' and read about your ordeal and my heart goes out to you and your family. Jacqui, stay strong and know that we're all thinking of you and praying for you.
Gail (from Blossie's) xo

Angela Green said...

Oh Jac!

You are amazing. Being able to type all this, through such an ordeal. I can see how it helps though and I really value being able to keep up with Em's progress so that I can focus my thoughts and prayers.

Wishing you a good day or 2 before the next surgery. A long road ahead but some good news about prognosis at the moment.

Continued hugs and prayers for you all!

Ange xxxx

Karen L said...

Jacqui - just wanting to let you know that you and Em are still very much in my thoughts and prayers. Dropped in and had morning tea with Sal this morning and she has been keeping us informed also.

Chrissy said...

Heya love, so good to hear the surgeries have been a positive for little Emily. So glad that Dan will be there, you sound like you need to rest sweetie.

Thinking of you guys as always.
Love and prayers
Chrissy x

Lara said...

big hugs Jacqui.

Annette said...

HI Jacqui. Just heard about things and wanted to let you know we are all thinking of you here at Blossie's.

Niella {paperbutton} said...

Dearest Jacqui..I have linked through here via Chris' blog. You don't know me, but I also wanted to show and give you my support through this very hard time.

I will keep you and your beautiful family in my prayers.

xNiella, Auck, NZ.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacqui,

Glad to hear there are some improvements and that Em is active and wanting cuddles. Good therapy for both of you. Thinking of you all.