Monday, July 21, 2008


15 days since the accident
15 days of not sleeping
15 days of worry
15 days of being so scared i cant describe it
15 days of panadol, nurofen, tramadol, morphine, drip lines and endo (something or other)
15 days and 7 surgeries, 7 anesthetics (sp), 7 visits to pre-op and recovery
15 days of wishing this didnt happen, of wishing i could go back and change something and of wishing i had my family at home and safe and sound and WHOLE!
15 days of actually understanding things like drains, central lines, iv's, what different drugs do (information i could of done without.
15 days of complete emotional breakdown, and some days its very PUBLIC

im a little over hospital and the whole thing.
we were finally moved to the right ward after surgery this morning so thats a good sign. (and finally meaning that i will be able to see our dr's each and everyday when they do rounds in the mornings, instead of being left out for at some point later that day!)
we had surgery this morning more looking, but a yes we will graft on Wednesday if it all continues as is. its looking good (whatever that means!) after the graft we should be out in 5 days...but i say SHOULD...who would know really. I wont let myself think of home until im actually there!

miss lilly is doing ok, they came down yesterday and i spent the night with lilly and we cooked and did normal things together. she will go back on tuesday night for preschool on wednesday and then come back on sunday with daddy again, if i dont need a break before then, which im going to say i probably will. miss emily is in good spirits, she was giggling before surgery and joking around which was very nice.....she is currently asleep, which is nice as she isnt sleeping at night much at all.

we r now located on 4 main, room 6 if your looking for us.
otherwise we r going ok, and things r progesing in the right way.

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Chris Millar said...

I wish none of this had ever happened to your family either Jac. You're all doing it tough and I'm sure some days it seems harder than others. Good signs though now that you are in the right ward, getting the right attention. Thinking of you all.