Friday, July 04, 2008

sovereign hill

yesterday we went out to be tourists, its the best part about living in a new area...there is so much to see and do that u wouldnt normally bother to do....we always have plenty to do in ballarat when we visit that always has more to do with shopping and getting the things we cant get at home. yesterday we made a point of going early and then doing something for the kids.

lilly had fun as usual with all the activitys u can do, here she is with her dad panning(sp?) for gold, u will notice that dan is holding on to her lol, for fear of her falling into that cold cold water. Yesterday was so cold to be out playing in water, but we were not the only silly ones!

the snow slide was a heap of fun! lol, we had to drag her off after her 3rd line up and slide lol. I was sure that she would get up to the top and turn around and say no way, but she didnt she got on and had a blast! her first words before the first side was even over as she came down was i want another turn funny

yes miss emily was there, she has a cold so didnt get to play with the snow much, and of course in turn 2 year old fashion i have shocking photos of her while she spent her few minutes playing in the snow pit! she wont look at me at the moment when i have the camera. i only got this one when i asked what she had...she promptly told me she had ch-late, we had no idea she could even say anything remotely sounding like chocolate hence the look on dans face lol

her language atm is so cute (just some things i guess for me, i want to remember her language, its so different to lilly at the same age.)

kuggle - cuddle its somewhere before a hug and a cuddle lol

wota - which is a fairly common one for water

ch-late - chocolate

hobbie - our dog hobbes

she is just starting to get her tounge around lilly and sister

and says things like up, no, here are, wheres daddy, drink, poo (of which she promptly ___?___ whatever she wants, me ummm oh she says so many things i cant think of them now.

she actually has so much more language than lilly did at her age it amazes me

mel has the felt food up on her blog if your interested link in side bar, i still havent had the time to make mine but i will by next weekend im sure. and the kitchen hasnt started yet, but we have it all sitting here

will be away for a few days from now, we are snow fields bound sunday monday tuesday. Actually we chose to stay at the bottom of the mt buffalo, in an affordable self contained cottage, and r pretty much between buffalo and hotham...we have never been before but are looking forward to it.

have a good weekend and start of the week everyone


Chris Millar said...

I'm so jealous every time I read you've been to Ballarat!!! So glad you had a good time. And off to the snow! You lucky things! Have a super time!

kirstypiper said...

Awww cute little words!

Have a great time!

Chrissy said...

Awww look she's wearing that cute jumper you knitted too! Totally adorable! :)