Thursday, July 17, 2008

a new day

and a break from her drip line!!! woohoo, morphine was turned off this morning and they said she could be drip free except for her anti's! small things mean ALOT atm!
she is so happy just dealing with her drain tube only, we have been up and in the wheelchair and sat out of bed for breakfast....EXTREMELY early this morning i might point out!
she is currently with the play therapy girl, a lovely job she has, bringing smiles to the faces of bed stuck kids.
this afternoon im hoping to get her in a real bath, but its still up for question. and then we r off to the starlight foundation room....the starlight express room, for a bit of play, craft and not being in her cot. im looking forward to it as much as she is! or thou i will need some very strong coffee to make it through the day i think!

op yesterday went ok, getting very ready for the skin graft...they have been waiting for the healing of the wound to start naturally because thats really great for the graft to take...and it started woohoo...we r in again on friday, they cant say one way or the other what will happen in the op, the chief of hand and microsurgery needs a look first...but she could just come out of that surgery with the first of the grafting done if things continue down this path, if they dont they will have to create a flap which will have fatty tissue, muscle and all sorts of things in it and then the graft on that. then a few days in a HEATED room (a very hot room they tell me) and its the rolls royce of plastic surgery so impressed by plastics...its so much more than boobs and noses.....its an impressive thing to be part of.


kazy2004 said...

Hi Jacqui and your precious family. So glad to hear things are improving and brighter every day.
Thinking of you.
Cheers Karen

Cherie said...

Glad to hear things are improving..
Thinking of you all
Cherie x

Chrissy said...

I feel so relieved to hear she is doing better Jacqui and that you have some amazing people working with her. Love to you both. xxx