Thursday, July 10, 2008

yesterdays op

was very long...we ended up back on the ward at about 10:30ish last night
emily had a pretty restful night, mostly thanks to the iv drugs. im sure

updates after the op
in no way was the new the best u could of heard or was it the worst we could of heard. the best team of plastics doctors and bone doctors r working on saving her arm.

last night they cleaned the site, and removed alot of what isnt going to make it. this included some skin and a large amount of muscle and soft tissues. they started on the reconstruction of her arm by attaching what was left of the muscles etc to the parts of her hand. Her wrist was stablised with one wire and its hopeful that it will recover better than first thought. we have no sure answers things change from one op or hour to the next for us atm.

the plan for now and could change tonight is to go back to surgery tonight to redress and check on her arm...its still open and has a drainage tube which we were told was the best way they could of done it as its sucking away what we dont want left there to cause infection. and gives a clue as to what is going on at the site on the outside of her cast. if things r progressing as hoped tomorrow will involve a large operation and some skin grafting (sp?) to cover the large area over her left forearm.

i guess i will know more tonight
at this point we r working towards getting her ready to go home in about a week and a half to be left to heal and then we will be back for further assessment and more decisions about the reconstructive surgery that will occur when they know the full extent of the movement she will have back. Reconstructive surgery will involve taking a muscle from her leg to put into her forearm...while this arm is never going to be the same again its hopeful that it will be useful for her and therefore worth doing as much as possible to save. this is the only path i can consider at the moment...its the positive path for me, i know the worst outcome will be loss of the arm, but i refuse to entertain the thought! we need a miracle now.

i did sleep last night but well after midnight, my mind couldnt focus on anything from the last few days, i guess, i feel better about whats ahead and that we can achieve it. Im still going to pieces when left alone for to long and this morning during her blood test which was just horrible for her.
but i just left her with my wonderful wonderful mother so i could go have a shower and she was sitting up in bed eating the last of what she is allowed for tonights op. and bossing us all around to blow bubbles and put on hi5. children amaze me!

daniel will be here for the big op tomorrow and then home again and then back. the logistics of working through home being so far away and dan still having to work are a nightmare.

i will have more news tomorrow
we appreciate all your prayers, thoughts and wishes...thankyou

just adding in...we r being transfered to a plastics ward tonight for emilys care after her big op tomorrow....4 main but im unsure of any other details about it at the moment. hospital switch should be able to give u information if your calling until i get hold of more information


Sal :-) said...

Jac, we're praying for your miracle, for the best outcome for her and for you to keep on being a strong Mumma for her. Don't ever dobut your strength, you're an amazing Mum.

Michellejbg said...

Hey Jac!!! Ditto to what Sal just said!! The main thing is you are all alive. Still praying for a miracle recoverery for little Em. Thank you for taking the time to keep us updated during this nightmare!!
Praying for more good news for you!! Love to you all!!
Michelle xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jac Kirsty got a hold of me this afternoon. she had been trying for a long time and leaving messages everywhere for me. i am absolutely stunned. It sounds like Emily is showing her fighting spirit though. I wish there was something i could do but i want you to know that my thoughts are with you , emily, dan and lilly.

Take care and i will talk to you soon

Love Marnie

Sue Smith said...

Hi Jacqui, Continuing to pray. May your family be blessed with peace, strength, courage and hope. I know I barely know you, but you are constantly in my thoughts at the moment.

Chrissy said...

Children have such strength don't they?! Totally amazing... Praying here for the most positive of outcomes and news of your baby girl. I rang the hospital today love, the girls at TSH and I have sent a package for your sweeties, they've said no matter which ward little Em is in they'll make sure it finds it's way to you. :) Hope it puts a smile on their sweet faces.

God bless you and the fam honey.
Love Chrissy x

miss~nance said...

Praying for a miracle Jacqui.


Annie said...

Oh Jac... I just found out about all this. How awful. I am sending positive vibes your way. Stay strong!