Wednesday, July 09, 2008

a little more news

in surgery as i type
after 2 hours we were just told they r attempting some repairs and stablisation that will take a further few hours from now.
i dont know why im here...i really just needed to read your comments all again
im feeling very helpless, worried beyond words and not functioning on any level at all
my mum wanted me to go and eat...i cant...and to at least have a break...i feel worse here so im going back upstairs. will update in the morning
we r in for a very long hospital stay


Chrissy said...

Your mum is right Jacqui love, you need to go and eat. You'll still be right there when your sweetie wakes.

Still praying for little Em and especially for todays surgery.

Hugs hon,
Love Chrissy x

Chris Millar said...

Please let us know when you can how the op went. It was good being able to talk to you before, but still wish I was there to help.

Ange said...

Oh dearest Jacqui!!

I know I can't say anything to help but I just wanted you all to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I so, so wish I was there so that I could do something to help. If you can think of anything at all that would help, just yell. Does Lilly need anything for example?? Do you?? Let us know.

Hugs and remember to look after yourself. I completely understand how hard that is at times like these. Lean on those who are there for all the support you need. Love to you all.

Ange xxxxxx

Sal :-) said...

Jac you do what you can to cope hon. There is no right or wrong way to worry over your girl.

Just trust that we are all here praying and carrying you through this. Love you heaps.

Karen L said...

Jacqui just rest assure that you guys are very much in our thoughts and prayers.

lusi said...

oh mate,
i'm so sorry to hear about what you are going though right now. i'll be praying for em and all of you!
all my love,
lusi x

Sue said...

hoping that all went well yesterday and you can have cuddles today.
Sue xx

Michellejbg said...

I hope you had some good news from the op yesterday Jac!!!
We are all there with you in spirit!! Still thinking of you every day mate and praying for a miracle recovery for Em!! Don't forget to look after yourself too!! Wishing there was more I could do for you!! Take care babe!!
((Big Fat Squishy Hugs & Lots of them, however many you need!!!!)) luv Michelle xxxx

kirstypiper said...

Hang in there, your mum is need to take care of yourself when you can!

Rach H said...

oh Jacqui I'm so so sorry to read your news of little Em + what you have to go through right now.
You are so in my thoughts + sending lots of postive vibes for Em + that her op went well.
Please take care of yourself + sending lots of loving thoughts to you guys during this hard time.

Marilyn said...

Ohh Jacqui...wish I was a little closer to help you but know that I am praying and thinking of you.

Hope little Em is improving and the ops go well for her.

Try and get some rest Jacqui, you will need all your strengh in the coming weeks.

All my love
Marilyn xxx