Saturday, July 26, 2008

its amazing

what a good sleep can do

emily had the best sleep last night, the best one she has had in 20 days! woohoo
we both slept well

mind u she had a big day yesterday
music therapy, clown doctors and then the starlight foundation christmas in july celebrations. it was a busy one

today she is so bright and happy, playing with a few new presents from yesterdays celebrations. starlight foundation and clown doctors r fantastic. they really do brighten the days of children stuck in hospital beds.....we saw all the captains from the starlight room again this morning up on the wards...such a great organisation.
funtastic toys donated all the presents....a big woohoo to t hem...great work!

not much happening today....emily is pretty much for the moment pain free without meds this m orning and will i expect her to get more uncomfortable as the day continues its great to not be forcing panadol down her throat for a little while...she has become an expert panadol spiter!


kirstypiper said...

Hooray for Miss Em!!! Sounds as if she is having a great time. Such a blessing all these organisations realise what a tough time this is and try to make it easier!

Robyn said...

I am so pleased to hear things are going so well and I bet you can't wait until that magic day when they let you out!
Big (((hugs))) for you all, you are an inspiration.

kazy2004 said...

So glad everything keeps getting more positive, and well done on keeping strong Jac. Thinking of you.
Best wishes,

Sal :-) said...

Go Miss Em!!

Getting there Jac, all such positive steps to getting home for a little while.