Wednesday, July 23, 2008


skin graft happened
she is awake, and mellow...i thinks i could do with some of her drugs atm!

another 8 or 9 days in hospital maybe...and then a few weeks of twice a week visits to the hospital for dressing changes but the length will get longer with each visit.

they think she will be able to grab and hold things and let them go, and thats where it will end. lots of phiso and then some decisions about the next stage to make later this year.

thanks to everyone one that sent things, prayers, thoughts and wishes....all was used.. :)
im feeling more pos today...tired but pos!


Chris Millar said...

Gosh it's been a long road of ops for Miss Em already. What a little trouper she is and her Mummy too! Hoping it all gets a bit easier from here and that you'll be home before you know it.

kirstypiper said...

GOOD GOOD GOOD!!!! Such a good update! Hopefully things may get a little easier from here on in!

Debbie said...

Great to hear that little Em is doing much better.... Think of her often

Anonymous said...

Hi Jac so pleased that the op road is over and you are now on the recovery and physio stage. My thoughts are with you all. take care


Sal :-) said...

Oh Jac what a HUGE relife!! Praying for the next 8 days to whizz by and for you to get your little girl home.

And praying that the resiliance and craftiness of little ones Em learns to get the best she can out of that hand.

You're both amazingly strong & I know while right now it doesn't feel like she's "whole", she is.

Linda said...

So glad to hear that everything is starting to turn around for you...and that the graft went well. HOpe you're home real soon!

Ange Green said...

So glad that things are on the improve. Great news about physio and the amount of movement they expect her to have at the moment.

You all have amazing strength and spirit.

Praying that the next few days go quickly and that you get to return home.


Love to you all,

Ange xx

Chrissy said...

So FABULOUS to hear it went well, you do sound more positive love, you're doing amazingly well with all you've had to deal with, don't forget that hon.